Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Decisions, decisions!

Whew-the summer blew by faster than I could update! The dreadful hedges that were plaguing the front of the house are successfully GONE, and now well, the entire front of the house is a construction zone!
In the past four years we've had some major basement flooding due to the wood at the front of the house being rotted from poorly constructed steps... It just goes along with the shoddy updates the previous owner attempted through out the entire house, and while it is very frustrating, it's exciting to be able to start making major improvements OUR WAY (I say our way, I mean my father and Jay's way with my "artistic" guidance-ha)!

This past weekend Jay and my father jackhammered our terrible front steps away, and replaced several rotted panels of wood from the frame of the house. Here's what we were looking at on Saturday:

You can see the rotted wood here, which is now gone and replaced and covered over with black protector material (I have no idea what it's called). We still have the pile of rubble but I have been assured that as of tomorrow it will all be gone.

We are at a great spot now, as the entire front siding needs to be replaced (as well as that horrific '70s "olde tyme" light and the ugly red shutters and the door needs painting too). My first idea was to just do a color siding, but as I scour the internet, and at the recommendation of my father, I am thinking about faux stone siding... Sounds queer, I know, but actually its not bad (thanks Family Guy for that line). Here is what we'd like the house to look like-color and "stone" wise, I understand that this is not the same style house... Oh-and I want to first send a super THANK YOU to Pam at my favorite website Retro Renovation for hosting this photo and for countless hours of inspiration!

Jay and I love the yellow brick and brown roof combo, and since we can not afford to do any expansion on the back of the house at the moment, necessitating an entire exterior overhaul, it will look okay for now with the brick on the front-we think anyway, there's still some consideration to do.

The next major decision is what do to with the front steps. We are going with wood steps as opposed to stone or concrete, and again thanks to Retro Renovation we've decided on these fabulous Acurio Latticeworks - Custom Lattice Panels and Designs for the detail of the steps, but I have yet to find a step design that moves me... any ideas are greatly appreciated!

So all of this is to be done in the spring of 2011... I hope I don't change my mind too many times between now and then!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hedges Be Gone!

It's been a while (do all of my blog posts start this way??) and while I have not (yes, still) put up the wallpaper in the bathroom, progress has been made on the front of the house!

When we purchased La Casa Termini back in '06, the front of the house was shrouded in GIANT hedges. These bad boys were thick, scary and loaded with birds nests, snakes and the occasional skunk. Being novices at landscape art, shaping these behemoths was also out of the question-they don't make Lady Schicks for real bushes (ohhh... that was low)!!

So here's what the house looked like when we bought it:

Last summer Jay literally dug the hedge on the far left (if you're looking at this photograph) out of the ground. Fifty year old hedges don't like to be moved, as we found out. Here's what the root ball looked like:

After that nightmare ended, we (Jay) decided that there must be a better way to get these monsters out of the yard. Turns out there is, and I will spare you the details by giving the link to the site that we found the solution to our problem on: Organic Tree Stump Removal

Tomorrow Jay will be cutting the remaining hedges down to size and weather permitting, killing the roots slowly and safely with a little thing called... well, crap actually... As the work is completed I will update with photos and stories (our neighbor is beside himself that we took out the hedges)!

Here is what we're looking at today:

The falling apart steps and hard to see peeling paint red door are being replaced this summer too. Well, the steps are being replaced with wooden steps that will ideally be painted a minty-avocado green, and the door will just be scraped and painted the same green but with darker green accents in the circular details. Eventually the red shutters will also be painted that same avocado color, but that's a project for next year me thinks!

Another doable this year project though, is to replace the colonial style light fixtures on the house with something more atomic looking like this gem from

Updates galore...

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Bathroom...Now

I plan to post after photos as soon as the wall paper is up and the bathroom is fabulous. Until then, here is the bathroom as it looks today (messy messy messy)! The shoe organizer is going, the fish are staying, and the black with sparkles wall is going. I did the black wall with a glossy finish black paint and while it was wet I tossed ceiling sparkle onto it. It's cute, but the new wall paper (featured in the picture that shows the toilet) is way cuter, and will be more original.The door is original to the house, as are the door handles. Acutally, all of our doors are like this, it's probably one of the features that made us really want the house. That shoe organizer is my "Holy crap, we're having twins, where are we going to put this stuff!" remedy for the too small medicine cabinet.

The floor was done by my father and Jay. I picked out the big Armstrong tiles and they put them in. It was a fix for a fabulous atomic asbestos floor that had been covered over with 1970's yellow indoor/outdoor glued down carpeting. Do I love it now? Some days I do, a lot of days I'm indifferent however!The too small medicine cabinet I was speaking of:
As I said in past blogs, the shower had fabulous chrome and semi-frosted glass shower doors, but while I was pregnant, I decided that a) I was getting too big to fit through and b)How the hell can I bathe two babies with these doors in the way?!? So we have a shower curtain. This one is from Target. I am currently searching for a vintage one on ebay. I found one that has matching window curtains, and is black with pink flowers. I don't know yet though. I am also planning on replacing that awful green bathmat sometime soon-it's just cheap and ugly!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I never promised you a rose garden...

So I may not have promised anyone a rose garden-but I found one!!  After 5 hours of cutting back and digging out over grown lilacs and rhodos, I found 3 thriving rose bushes!!!  I am no gardener, but I am determined to take care of these lovelies!!!  I also found BUNDLES of vintage gardening stakes in the shed--I'm talking vintage plastic rods, some of which have been topped with little rubber stoppers (to lessen the chance of small eyes being poked out!)!!!
Here are some crude photos!:

Onto other things...   This is my living room light fixture--It got painted on, so I need to find a new one, well more like a bunch of replacements actually.  

This is my kitchen light switch--the reason I need multiple switchplate covers for this crazy configuration!   If you have any, I'd love to take them off of your hands!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Whew! It's been a while!

It has been almost 2 years since I've updated this blog, and I am ashamed!  I have the excuse of having twin boys this past August however!!   We are still plugging away at making the house fabulous however.

I am forever man-handling the closet that we call a bathroom.  I had to have the fabulous glass doors removed from the bathtub last spring, because whilst preggers, I could not fit through! It was a blessing really, because I would not be able to bathe the bambinos with those cumbersome doors.   I'm painted the horrible particle board vanity (we have the original wall mounted sink in the basement, but serious floor work needs to be done before it can be put back up) pink and added some green bubbles to it.  Here's how it looks now:

The door is askew, I have asked for it to be tightened to no avail, so I need to do that-today in fact!  I am just so-so with this vanity, it's a terrible cheap fix.  The pink doesn't match at all... I may cover it with the left over wall paper.  It's an eyesore indeed.

Also, despite saying that I would *NEVER* wallpaper any room (after I had to scrape terrible GOLD 1970s wallpaper off of just about every wall in this place), just last night I purchased this from Vintage Walls on ebay:

It is pink with gold shiny starbursts, and its just fabulous.  I want to find a great shower curtain to match.  I have a huge vintage pink metal hamper, but unfortunately it's 1/4 of the size of the bathroom, so that's out.  I guess this means more shopping... darn...

Friday, March 23, 2007

2 Posts in 1 Month!!

I've finally organized "The Office"... The entire computie set up is done, which was a project in itself because for some reason we keep wires and crap from things that we don't own anymore!
The office theme was originally going to be used for the TV room, but since our couch doesn't fit through the door to what was to be the tv room (now our bedroom), I moved that theme to the office and created a tv/living room (much to my disappointment-- I feel like I've really got something when the tv is not in the living room).

The office theme is just movie theater lobby posters and movie stills/publicity shots. The anchor of it all is the double sided movie poster for Ed Wood-- it just is fabulous and my day is made just by looking at how awesome it is on the wall-haha.

I also uploaded ALL of the pre and mid remodel photos of the house. I still have to find my battery charger so that I take photos of the almost finished work though.

Happy Friday!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Jeepers, it's been months... We successfully moved in, and have 3/4 successfully finished the bulk of the remodeling. I am still searching through boxes for my usb adapter so I can upload the pictures of "progress", so hopefully soon I can do that and take down the Christmas and Pre-Termini house pictures!!

We had to replace the electrical system, which consisted of the original 1954 fuse panel, so that was one of our major renovations to the house-- however for the piece of mind it gave, the dent in the wallet was worth it!

Our other projects have been the following:
Repainting the kitchen (which was all yellow with a black tile separator) in a varying shades of green design, while maintaing the fabulous black tiles. We stole the color scheme from the latest Big Sandy and the Fly Rite Boys album (Thank you fellas for having such fab taste!). It was a fairly easy project, but in the midst of it, we decided that the little person sized counter area that completely took up the space in the kitchen needed to go. So we got rid of that with the help of a trusted friend, and now we're waiting for the moulding for around the kitchen windows that went with the stupid counter top to be replaced... No big deal since we have no kitchen table yet-- our old one was too gone to bring in, so we just pretend the living room is also the eating area. We also removed all of the outdoor carpeting from the kitchen and hall area, and replaced it with black and "little green apple" vinyl tiles from Armstrong. It's the most amazing kitchen and hallway now. I can't believe we did it-- actually Jay and my father did the floors-- it's great!

Our bathroom, is a salmon-y pink with the navy accent wall (see previous blog entry) but we did the floor with matching pink and black vinyl tiles-- so the accent wall is slated to be painted a shiny deep black (slated for a later date as we're up to our ears in touch ups right now).

The living room, bedroom and office all had hideous 1970s wallpaper-- removing it and getting the rooms painted didn't take a heck of a long time, we had a lot of help... unfortunately once those rooms got painted, I found a full time job and the work I was doing in the day had come to an end. So we ripped up carpeting and washed the wood floors underneath, which brings us up to today...

The bedroom has been a holder for all of the boxes we've been too lazy to unpack. We were hoping to be able to have that floor refinished as the carpet padding was so old that it turned to a cement like substance, and had to be heat-gunned off of the floor... so the floor is stained in some spots-- so anyways we decided last week that we can't keep sleeping in the office- it's just too small and foolish-- so we bought a fabulous area rug at IKEA for like $45, and today we're movin' in!!! I am psyched!!

Anyway, pictures to follow, hopefully this week!!!