Monday, June 1, 2009

The Bathroom...Now

I plan to post after photos as soon as the wall paper is up and the bathroom is fabulous. Until then, here is the bathroom as it looks today (messy messy messy)! The shoe organizer is going, the fish are staying, and the black with sparkles wall is going. I did the black wall with a glossy finish black paint and while it was wet I tossed ceiling sparkle onto it. It's cute, but the new wall paper (featured in the picture that shows the toilet) is way cuter, and will be more original.The door is original to the house, as are the door handles. Acutally, all of our doors are like this, it's probably one of the features that made us really want the house. That shoe organizer is my "Holy crap, we're having twins, where are we going to put this stuff!" remedy for the too small medicine cabinet.

The floor was done by my father and Jay. I picked out the big Armstrong tiles and they put them in. It was a fix for a fabulous atomic asbestos floor that had been covered over with 1970's yellow indoor/outdoor glued down carpeting. Do I love it now? Some days I do, a lot of days I'm indifferent however!The too small medicine cabinet I was speaking of:
As I said in past blogs, the shower had fabulous chrome and semi-frosted glass shower doors, but while I was pregnant, I decided that a) I was getting too big to fit through and b)How the hell can I bathe two babies with these doors in the way?!? So we have a shower curtain. This one is from Target. I am currently searching for a vintage one on ebay. I found one that has matching window curtains, and is black with pink flowers. I don't know yet though. I am also planning on replacing that awful green bathmat sometime soon-it's just cheap and ugly!

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