Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I never promised you a rose garden...

So I may not have promised anyone a rose garden-but I found one!!  After 5 hours of cutting back and digging out over grown lilacs and rhodos, I found 3 thriving rose bushes!!!  I am no gardener, but I am determined to take care of these lovelies!!!  I also found BUNDLES of vintage gardening stakes in the shed--I'm talking vintage plastic rods, some of which have been topped with little rubber stoppers (to lessen the chance of small eyes being poked out!)!!!
Here are some crude photos!:

Onto other things...   This is my living room light fixture--It got painted on, so I need to find a new one, well more like a bunch of replacements actually.  

This is my kitchen light switch--the reason I need multiple switchplate covers for this crazy configuration!   If you have any, I'd love to take them off of your hands!!

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