Friday, March 23, 2007

2 Posts in 1 Month!!

I've finally organized "The Office"... The entire computie set up is done, which was a project in itself because for some reason we keep wires and crap from things that we don't own anymore!
The office theme was originally going to be used for the TV room, but since our couch doesn't fit through the door to what was to be the tv room (now our bedroom), I moved that theme to the office and created a tv/living room (much to my disappointment-- I feel like I've really got something when the tv is not in the living room).

The office theme is just movie theater lobby posters and movie stills/publicity shots. The anchor of it all is the double sided movie poster for Ed Wood-- it just is fabulous and my day is made just by looking at how awesome it is on the wall-haha.

I also uploaded ALL of the pre and mid remodel photos of the house. I still have to find my battery charger so that I take photos of the almost finished work though.

Happy Friday!!

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