Saturday, March 17, 2007


Jeepers, it's been months... We successfully moved in, and have 3/4 successfully finished the bulk of the remodeling. I am still searching through boxes for my usb adapter so I can upload the pictures of "progress", so hopefully soon I can do that and take down the Christmas and Pre-Termini house pictures!!

We had to replace the electrical system, which consisted of the original 1954 fuse panel, so that was one of our major renovations to the house-- however for the piece of mind it gave, the dent in the wallet was worth it!

Our other projects have been the following:
Repainting the kitchen (which was all yellow with a black tile separator) in a varying shades of green design, while maintaing the fabulous black tiles. We stole the color scheme from the latest Big Sandy and the Fly Rite Boys album (Thank you fellas for having such fab taste!). It was a fairly easy project, but in the midst of it, we decided that the little person sized counter area that completely took up the space in the kitchen needed to go. So we got rid of that with the help of a trusted friend, and now we're waiting for the moulding for around the kitchen windows that went with the stupid counter top to be replaced... No big deal since we have no kitchen table yet-- our old one was too gone to bring in, so we just pretend the living room is also the eating area. We also removed all of the outdoor carpeting from the kitchen and hall area, and replaced it with black and "little green apple" vinyl tiles from Armstrong. It's the most amazing kitchen and hallway now. I can't believe we did it-- actually Jay and my father did the floors-- it's great!

Our bathroom, is a salmon-y pink with the navy accent wall (see previous blog entry) but we did the floor with matching pink and black vinyl tiles-- so the accent wall is slated to be painted a shiny deep black (slated for a later date as we're up to our ears in touch ups right now).

The living room, bedroom and office all had hideous 1970s wallpaper-- removing it and getting the rooms painted didn't take a heck of a long time, we had a lot of help... unfortunately once those rooms got painted, I found a full time job and the work I was doing in the day had come to an end. So we ripped up carpeting and washed the wood floors underneath, which brings us up to today...

The bedroom has been a holder for all of the boxes we've been too lazy to unpack. We were hoping to be able to have that floor refinished as the carpet padding was so old that it turned to a cement like substance, and had to be heat-gunned off of the floor... so the floor is stained in some spots-- so anyways we decided last week that we can't keep sleeping in the office- it's just too small and foolish-- so we bought a fabulous area rug at IKEA for like $45, and today we're movin' in!!! I am psyched!!

Anyway, pictures to follow, hopefully this week!!!

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